Flymaster brings state of the art avionics at affordable prices to suit all pilots from the newbie to the PWC champion. The products are designed and tested in Portugal by members of the Portuguese paragliding team. They are designed by pilots for pilots.

Whats new



Fiber Glass pod for mounting any Flymaster instrument to your hang glider.

New SD 3G Series

New SD 3G Series

New models: GPS SD 3G and the LIVE SD 3G, both equipped with the latest global 3G GSM modules.


Fast charging

The latest firmware update on SD Series enables the chance of fast charging through iPhone USB charger or battery pack.


Cloud flights are public

All the flights uploaded from Flymaster’s instruments to our Cloud Flights Server, through Designer App or using Live Tracking capable instruments, are now available as a public feed.
Play them back, share them on Facebook, brag, learn and enjoy!


Instant Vario

We have just added a new feature to all instruments in the SD series. By using the built in accelerometer, the vario function is now much more responsive without compromising the renowned accuracy of Flymaster varios.