Sleek as can be

The new Flymaster DeltaPod is the ideal accessory for mounting your Flymaster instrument to your hang glider. It comprises of a sleek fiberglass enclosure that mounts onto the base bar of your glider. Your Flymaster instrument is secured into the DeltaPod using velcro.

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Without bracket: $250

With bracket for Carbonfiber basetube: $290

With bracket for streamlined profile aluminum basetube: $290

With bracket for circular profile aluminium basetube: $290




The DeltaPod can be purchased with 3 types of mounts for Wings Wings gliders with:

– carbonfiber base tube

– aluminium streamlined profile base tube

– aluminium circular profile base tube.

For other shape base tubes see your glider manufacturer for an appropriate bracket.

The DeltaPod can be purchased with or without the bracket.

If buying without the bracket, you will need to get an M8 x 1.25 screw thread to be able to screw into the pod.

Note that the finish on the pods may vary.


What is included:

– padded protective bag for DeltaPod