$20 for Data

Price: $20

SIMcard (includes $10 of data)

Price: $50


The most cost-effective solution for your live tracking for your LIVE SD 3G or GPS SD 3G around the world.


This SIM card is exclusively packaged by Flymaster-USA for use with the Flymaster LIVE SD 3G and GPS SD 3G instrument, by providing a cost effective data plan to maximise the use of the instrument.

Each SIM card costs $25 and this card fits directly into the instrument without modification.
– Data plans cost a minimum of $20 and the data never expires until used up.
– Cost of Data is $1 per MB or 1cent per packet of 10kb.
– Smallest billable data packets are 10kb (i.e. 1cent)
– On a typical flight of 4 hours, total cost for data transmission is 18 cents.
– SIM cards work internationally, so you can use your LIVE in other countries without having to purchase an additional SIM card. Extra service fees may apply if used internationally. For more details on these extra costs email Jugdeep.
– SIM card may be used for calling and texting including whilst oversees. Additional tarrifs may apply.
– SMS message 35cents each within the US.


Top up data can be purchased in $20 installments. These will be automatically credited to your account once the purchase has been completed.