Engineered for Easy Navigation.

The GPS SD 3G is the ultimate Flymaster flight instrument for pilots wanting to fly XC and have the proven live tracking functions of the renowned LIVE SD.


Price: $595

Free microSD card
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  • Know Where You Are

    Flymaster SD series instruments have amazing worldwide road maps. Plan your flight and you’ll never get lost.


    Design your own instrument

    Need more or less data on your flight screens, with Flymasters’ unique Designer you can create the instrument you like and need for your style of flying.


    Cloud Flights

    With Designer app you can upload all your flights to our Cloud Flights Web Service. Inside your flight details page, you can review your flight, play it back, analyse all data, including all external sensors data, like G-forces and heart rate values. You can also download your flight in IGC format.


    Thermal efficiently

    Flymasters’ unique thermal ball will help you find the thermal core quicker and the zero buzzer make sure don’t fly past lift.



    The GPS SD+ has a built in low power wireless interface for connecting compatible accessories. The list of Flymaster wireless accessories is the most complete on the market. Already available for the GPS SD+ are the HEART-G, TAS and M1.


    Flight Sharing

    You can use GPSDUMP, or any other compatible tool, for Flight Sharing. Just connect your GPS SD+ to your MAC / PC (windows) and with a few clicks you can download and share your flights, in several well known databases like Xcontest, Leonardo, or DHV.


    So Easy

    The Flymaster GPS SD+ implements an easy intuitive menu driven system with no need to memorise multiple functions on keys with long key presses.