Advanced Motor Management System.

The Flymaster M1 turns any Flymaster flight instrument into an onboard motor management system for powered aircraft. Flymaster’s M1 gathers precise information from several sensors connected to the motor, records this data and send it wireless to Flymaster instruments.


With RPM+Temp sensor

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  • With RPM+Temp+Fuel sensor

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    Price: $500

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  • Available Sensors


    Control the temperature

    Measure, and control, the cylinder head temperature and avoid over heating the engine.


    Measure the motor speed

    Using a simple wire around the spark plug cable the M1 can count the number of revolutions per minute of your motor.

    mostrador rpm

    Never let your tank dry

    Using a (optional) fuel level sensor the M1 can measure the quantity of fuel in the tank. Based on this value the M1 can also calculate parameters like the average fuel consumption, or the remaining flight time.

    fuel tank 1

    Wireless conectivity

    The data collected by the M1 is sent wireless, and in real time, to any of the existing Flymaster instruments. This simplifies the installation and avoids all the problems related to wires.


    Register flight data

    M1’s is capable of storing motor data that can be downloaded to a PC for later analysis. Using the gathered data the user can plan preventive maintenance and detect possible abnormalities in the motor.