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Fixed plan**: $210

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*After 2 year contract the plan changes to FLEXIBLE. (PayPal required). 3.99 Euros per month
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The new Flymaster Tracker 3G borrows on the proven tracking technology developed for the LIVE SD and GPS SD 3G. It features a pressure sensor, so it’s flight log can be used to generate IGC data which includes the compulsory barometric altitude. Also built in is an accelerometer and RF module that can communicate with the Heart-G or TAS Probe.

It is built from high strength polycarbonate combined with a rubber exterior, making it extremely robust and water resistant. So it can be used not only for flying, but also for other activities, such as Kite and Wind Surfing, Mountain Biking, etc.

Safe XC-flying

XC flying is rewarding, yet landing out alone can be scary the LiveTracking system you will never be alone on your XC adventure. Flymaster LiveTracking technology is the standard for the Paragliding World Cup and the Red Bull X-Alps.

Cloud Flights

Your flights are automatically downloaded to our Cloud Flights Web Service. Inside your flight details page, you can review your flight, play it back, analyse all data, including all external sensors data, like G-forces and heart rate values. You can also download your flight in IGC format.



The Tracker has a built in low power wireless interface for connecting compatible accessories. The list of Flymaster wireless accessories is the most complete on the market. Already available for the Tracker are the HEART-G, TAS and M1.


In the box

In order to fit tracker to multiple activities it’s provided a bike holder, an arm band and a lanyard. In the box there’s also a quick start guide, a charger with your country adapter and a magnetic USB cable.