All Flymaster products come with a 2 year warranty.

If your instrument should need repair or service, Flymaster – USA can assist. Turn around for repairs is typically overnight ensuring that you will have your instrument back in the shortest time possible. All parts are in stock should any component need to replaced.

Non-warranty repairs will be charged a $20 diagnostic fee which can be used as partial payment if the repair goes ahead.

If your unit has developed any problems please contact Jugdeep for support before you ship your unit back.

Peer group support can be found on the US focussed discussion group. This is only available to those pilots who purchase through Flymaster-USA. Here pilots can share tips, discuss programming issues and make suggestions for firmware up dates. The designer also makes posts and often incorporates pilot’s suggestions into firmware updates. Please note, however, that this forum is only open to pilots who have bought their instruments from Flymaster-USA.

Some questions may be answered by the FAQ’s page on the main Flymaster website:

For additional support or questions concerning the Flymaster products please contact Jugdeep by email or phone on 831 566 8652